AutoHotkey Scripting – Loops

AHK loop

Let’s discuss the loop and how to use it in AHK In this post I try to present looping, one of AutoHotkey’s basic concepts in a non-programmers way So I’ll discuss two of the loops available in AutoHotkey. Once you are clear about these two loop commands, you can find more in the AutoHotkey …

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AutoHotkey Scripting – If/Decisions/Logic

Green if else statement

Decision making is critical to Scripting/programming also in Autohotkey. There will be many situations when you will be given two or more options and You will have to select one option based on the given conditions. If for example: You want to show a remark about John (a student) based on …

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AutoHotkey Scripting: Operators


Operators in programming are symbols that tells the compiler or interpreter to perform specific mathematical, relational or logical operations and produce final results.   This post will explain the concept of operators and I will take you tough the important arithmetic and relational operators available in AutoHotkey.   Arithmetic Operators …

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AutoHotkey Scripting: Reserved keywords

Reserved keywords AutoHotkey

Now it is time for Reserved keywords So far, we have covered an important concept called variables. We discussed how to use the operator := to specify values. We also looked at what to name the variables. Like True and False are the names of two built-in variables. There are many other keywords supported By …

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