9 reasons autohotkey isn't bad

9 Reasons why AutoHotkey isn’t as bad as You Think

9 reasons autohotkey isn't badAutoHotkey has always been a great way to make things interesting when it comes to using the Computer.

Whether you use the computer at home or at your office, AHK can surely make your life easier by its time-saving and efficiency-improving scripts.

Since most people are not aware about it or don’t have the time to invest in it, they remain unaware of its potential.

Therefore, if you are one of those people, I have compiled a list of 9 Reasons why AutoHotkey isn’t as bad as You Think, to educate you of its potential.

  1. Easy to Learn and Understand: The syntax of AutoHotkey is very easy to learn and understand. AutoHotkey is just a little easier than most even if you are a newbie in the programming world, someone who is just learning the tricks of the trade, AutoHotkey will not seem to trouble you at all once you start to get a hold of its syntax.
  1.  Improves Efficiency: The shortcut scripts AHK provides, really makes all types of computing work efficient. With its predefined scripts, the work that is being done is accurate and efficient. So an example AHK script which might improve accountants’ efficiency can be to keep the calculator window on the top, as they work on their spreadsheets.
  1. Saves Time: This reason is quite understandable. Since, AHK scripts are predefined and shortcuts in mundane language, they save time and efforts of the user. For example, a single or set of keys can be assigned to quickly open an app, whether a calculator, a notepad file, the web browser or simply a word file, without taking a lot of time.
  1. Simplifies Tedious Work: To simplify long and tedious work, AHK scripts can be of much help. Therefore when the long tasks are the broken down into comparatively smaller tasks, it must be observed whether these smaller tasks can be performed through AHK scripts. If they can be performed, then surprisingly, the amount of time that the user had to give to that smaller task is saved. Because the required task is performed within a split second in which the user presses the key(s). The user can then put their time and efforts into the tasks which AHK scripts cannot perform.
  1. Bundles of Scripts: AutoHotkey scripts are versatile and of a great variety, which means that there are countless scripts of AHK which perform countless operations and functions. From simple functions such as opening a notepad file to a bit complex functions such as collecting data from the web using web scrapping scripts, all are possible with AHK.
  1. Covers Bundles of Areas: By areas, we mean here the endless possibilities AHK provides. With huge amount of functions for desktop applications, and a separate group of web scrapping scripts, AutoHotkey covers many different areas. Its scripts can be used to perform a number of versatile tasks as long as you are using Windows.
  1. Intuitive: The functions, another name for AHK scripts, are very easy to use and intuitive. They are the snippets of AutoHotkey code, which contain all the necessary information for the processor to read, understand and perform the task that is requested of it. The whole idea of AutoHotkey revolves around the scripts it uses and the ways how beginners can learn to make their own scripts once they start to understand the traditional AHK scripts.
  1. Makes Work Fun: No doubt, AHK makes life easier and work a lot of fun. Since it cut shorts the time on performing tedious tasks along with improving the efficiency of the work, AutoHotkey is savior for quite a lot of people who are in the Computing world. We encourage professionals to try it out to make things interesting at your mundane job.
  1. Can Be Used to Prank: Sound funny, doesn’t it? Well pranking with AHK is definitely possible, especially pranking someone with less computing acumen is comparatively much easier when compared to the tech geeks. So for suppose, this regular John Doe at your office isn’t that sharp with computers, you can prank him by changing the functionality of a key he uses the most in his daily work. Like maybe the space key? You can write a script which opens up the web browser once they hit the space key, this will crack up both you and your co-workers, and will also motivate the poor guy to gain more computing acumen.

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