9 reasons no one talks about autohotkey

9 Reasons No One Talks About AutoHotkey

9 reasons no one talks about autohotkeyAs remarkable as it is, AutoHotkey is the way to automate all your keyboard shortcuts and make computing easier.

It is an amazingly resourceful tool when it comes to automating and making tedious tasks shorter.

But sadly, there are quite a lot of reasons why it is not quite famous among the general public.

The different reasons range among the variety of people, from non-programmers to programmers and professionals, lack of interest of corporations and educational institutes, and quite commonly lack of related material available.

To address these reasons, which are more like issues to the AutoHotkey community, I have compiled a list of 9 Reasons No One Talks About AutoHotkey.

  1. Lack of Awareness: Awareness of literally anything, comes when the word is spread. AHK, being a great tool as it is, has got lack of awareness among the general public. It is majorly due to the word about AHK not being spread, especially from the professionals and experts. Also, since getting awareness is a two-way street, the general public have themselves not tried getting to know about AHK. This lack of awareness further amounts to the lacking of a lot of different factors which are a part of this list and are discussed later in this listicle
  1. Lack of Time: Even if people are aware of AHK, there might be the hurdle of investing time. We all know, AHK requires scripts to be written to automate a wide variety of tasks, which ultimately require time of an individual. Understandably, to learn both the syntax of AHK and the example scripts, and practice them, will require lots and lots of time.
  1. Lack of Programming Knowledge: People with no programming experience automatically lose hope of learning AHK, even if they are aware of its benefits. But on the brighter side, since the last decade, the numbers of computer programmers is on the rise, which no doubt points towards a better future for AHK.
  1. Lack of Tech Savvy People: Most people, even if they are not computer programmers, are not tech savvy either. They do have a computer but they feel hesitant in using it up to its full potential. Being tech savvy is a blessing in the modern world, as it leads to the path of learning new things and staying up-to-date with modern technology.
  1. Lack of Industrial/Commercial Focus: This is one of the most important factors which amount to the lack of awareness. People learn various programming languages, even if they don’t want to, only because they want to get a decent job at a decent company which require that programmers of that language. Since AHK, does not have the backing of companies, therefore, the prospective employees do not see it as a factor in job prospects and neglect it.
  1. Limited Number of Professionals/Instructors: Although there are quite a few experts, professionals and instructors on the internet but there is no physical presence. And the total number of such professionals is so scarce, that they can’t cater the questions and requirements of all the learners. So the new learners have to cope-up with their questions and requirements by themselves, taking help from the internet. To look on the brighter side, once the new learners excel themselves to become professionals, this factor of having limited number of professionals of AHK will be completely eliminated.
  1. Lack of Workshops in Educational Institutions: Educational institutions are the cornerstone of learning new skills. Workshops for a variety of tools and programming languages are organized to educate the students and make them aware of the possibilities of those tools and programming languages. Because of lack of awareness, AHK is not promoted as much as such other tools and programming languages.
  1. Lack of Forums: Forums are an integral part of creating the awareness about something, spreading its knowledge and cultivating new ideas while staying in the guidelines of that knowledge. Apart from a couple of major forums, AHK does not have that many forums.
  1. Lack of Related Material: By material here, we mean books, blogs, and forums from which knowledge about AHK could be gained. There isn’t enough of it but many of the experts have now taken positive steps of eliminating this factor as they have started sharing their own tutorials, scripts and other related material which is definitely going to help beginners and experts alike.

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  1. I couldn’t live without autohotkey. Ahk is the reason why I use windows.

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