Reserved keywords AutoHotkey

AutoHotkey Scripting: Reserved keywords

Reserved keywords AutoHotkey

Now it is time for Reserved keywords

So far, we have covered an important concept called variables.

We discussed how to use the operator := to specify values.

We also looked at what to name the variables.

Like True and False are the names of two built-in variables.

There are many other keywords supported

By AHK which are reserved and used for a different purpose.

Every programming languages provides

Their own set of reserved keywords

But there is one important &

Common rule in all the programming languages and it is

We cannot use a reserved keyword to name our variables

Which means in AHK we cannot name our variable things like a_temp or A_scriptdir

Rather reserved keywords can only be used to specify, call or get a build-in function, command, or variable.


Reserved keywords example:

If you try to use any reserved keyword for the purpose of variable name, then you will get a syntax error.

A_AhkPath := 10

MsgBox, Value of A_AhkPath = % A_AhkPath%


When you run the above script, it produces the following error −


C:\tester.ahk (1) : ==> Not allowed as an output variable.

Specifically: A_AhkPath



Let’s now give a proper / allowed name to our variable, then the above script should work and execute successfully −

count := 10

MsgBox, Value of count = %count%


That script will not give out any error and will simply work and show you the Msgbox with the value of count


Reserved Keywords in AutoHotkey

As an example here is a table having almost all the reserved variable names in Autohotkey – ( there are also function names and commands )

a_ahkpath a_ahkversion a_appdatacommon a_appdata
a_autotrim a_batchlines a_carety a_caretx
a_computername a_controldelay a_dd a_cursor
a_ddd a_dddd a_desktop a_defaultmousespeed
a_desktopcommon a_detecthiddentext a_endchar a_detecthiddenwindows
a_eventinfo a_exitreason
a_formatfloat a_formatinteger a_guievent a_gui
a_guicontrol a_guicontrolevent a_guiheight
a_guiwidth a_guix a_hour a_guiy
a_iconfile a_iconhidden a_icontip a_iconnumber
a_index a_ipaddress1
a_ipaddress2 a_ipaddress3 a_isadmin a_ipaddress4
a_iscompiled a_issuspended a_language a_keydelay
a_iscritical a_isunicode errorlevel a_ptrsize
a_lasterror a_linefile a_loopfield a_linenumber
a_loopfileattrib a_loopfiledir a_loopfileext
a_loopfileshortname a_loopfileshortpath a_loopregsubkey a_loopfiletimecreated
a_loopfileshortpath a_loopfilefullpath a_loopfilename a_loopfilelongpath
a_loopfilesize a_loopfilesizekb a_loopfiletimeaccessed a_loopfilesizemb
a_loopfiletimemodified a_loopreadline a_loopregname a_loopregkey
a_loopregtimemodified a_loopregtype a_min a_mday
a_mm a_mmm a_mon a_mmmm
a_mousedelay a_msec
a_mydocuments a_now a_numbatchlines a_nowutc
a_ostype a_osversion a_programfiles a_priorhotkey
a_programs a_programscommon a_screenwidth a_screenheight
a_scriptdir a_scriptfullpath a_scriptname
a_sec a_space a_startmenucommon a_startmenu
a_startup a_startupcommon a_tab a_stringcasesense
a_thishotkey a_thismenu a_thismenuitempos a_thismenuitem
a_tickcount a_timeidle a_timeidlephysical
a_timesincepriorhotkey a_timesincethishotkey a_titlematchmodespeed a_titlematchmode
a_wday a_windelay a_workingdir a_windir
a_yday a_year a_yyyy a_yweek
clipboard clipboardall comspec
a_ispaused a_thisfunc a_thislabel programfiles
a_temp a_username FALSE TRUE

Now memorize:

I know you cannot memorize all these names 🙂

But as you see many of them start with (a_)

So keep away from using that in your own variable names

Also I listed them down for your reference

And to Show/Explain the concept of reserved keywords

And there are most likely more then the ones I posted here.

So just be mindful while giving a name to your variable

You should not use any of the above mentioned reserved ones.

AutoHotkey does not really have any official best practices when it comes to anything like a naming convention!

Many users do however:

Take a stand in things like this

And at least a few things do come up again and again

When looking at most AHK code

Examples of things like that is:

Indention, camelCase and using “saying” names when making variables or functions.

Your also welcome to read my take/thoughts on some best practices in AutoHotkey

The online AutoHotkey forum is always a good place to get help if you see errors or issues with things like:

  • Not allowed as an output variable.
  • Variable name contains an illegal character
  • Line does not contain a recognized action.

And many others

Please use the comments or my contact form if you need help with this or have something to add

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