Solve Math Everywhere


Solve Math Everywhere is an Application that helps you solve mathematics almost everywhere by the press of a button.

The default key is = at the moment

Examples of using SME can be seen in the animated Gif below

Gif Example

What’s shown in the Gif:

Examples of SME solving two simple math expressions and one more involved expression

Simple Math expressions:

Math with +/- is solved as soon as you press = i.e if you type 3+4 then = and SME will solve and write the sum for you a.k.a 7

Complex math expressions:

When doing more involved math you need to highlight/select the math for SME to know the extent of the expression to solve i.e if you have ((4.25*2)-(1/2))*(((9-5)/2)+(1*2))+10 you simply highlight it and press = and SME will solve the expression for you a.k.a 42