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“Don’t you have some work to do?”


Why Automate?

Well before we start, let me first ask “what are you hoping to accomplish?

I’ll also ask you this “is there any repetitive tasks that you do day-to-day?

Just one more thing “can you walk me through what you do every day?

If you can answer yes to some of that then read on or tell me about it here and get a FREE quote.

This is a guide to tell you some of the things and benefits I know you can get from automating.


“C’mon let the computer do your dirty work!”


First a little Q and A about Automation scripts.

Q: What Is this Automation Your talking about?

A: Its writing a computer Script that will tell a computer what steps to perform and when, an Automation script is made by taking the steps that you do manually and writing them into code so the computer can do them.

Q: How do I Automate my task then?

A: Lots of ways, one is to buy a macro program that will cost you an arm and a leg after the free trial, another is to use a free scripting language like AutoHotkey and learn with the how-to’s here on or the easy way just hire a freelancer like me to code it all, this way you will only pay for what you need, not having to use all your time to learn how to write code or learn the ins and outs of a complicated new program. Let me give you a free estimate.

graf Why Automate

 Why do I need Automation scripts?


Let me start by giving a personal example, I have found that automation can dramatically reduce work load, for a business this is a good thing. Instead of having to use your employee’s time every week on the same task you can pay for an automation script with a one-time fee and have the same task done in less time.

On the other side as an employee. You have the change of making a higher dollar amount as you will get more work done in the same time frame and thereby be more productive. I have automated tasks since the start of 2012. It has help reduced our work force from 52 to 47 by not needing to rehire. It also made my job safer and easier. I can manage more tasks and also be more efficient.

I work at a Lange hospital. I used to spend hours a day looking at and monitoring lots of systems and equipment. I had to react manually and issue workforce by phone or paper. That is now all automated (not all by me) but I have made scripts to watch, operate and alert me in addition to allowing me to issue the right worker in less time all from one computer.

My job is a better place and for the hospital the reaction time has greatly improved and facility down time has been lowered by 30%.

I have tried to make a list of positive things you can get or do with automation.

Why Automate time vs size

If you want to Save time:

You may have a task that has 8 steps and each takes you 1 minute, then manually it takes 8 minutes. Most times you can take those 8 minutes and turn them into a lot less, sometimes even seconds. I recently took a client’s weekly 2 hour process and reduced it to less than 5 minutes.

Other time consuming things you can automate:

  • Boring tedious work that may be to repetitive for a person to do for very long
  • Automatic Installation or removing of Software
  • Schedule and Automate System and Network Tasks
  • Automatic Data Retrieval and Data Consolidation
  • Automating Internet and Web Tasks
  • Easily Extract Data and automatically Generate Reports
  • Batching Multiple Tasks Together with scripts
  • Copying data out of programs like Excel and into web form’s
  • Even Automating the game’s you play at home


If you need to Reduce Errors:

Then computers are amazingly good at doing the same thing over and over again. If given the same input, you’ll get the same output every time.

Computers don’t make errors because they’re tired or because they forgot a step. Having your work automated means you’ll get the same consistent result each time, without errors.

Tasks and things where automation can reduce errors:

  •  Replicate the same processes consistently and with a better precision or even quality than a person
  • Eliminating Repetitive Data Entry by letting a script read from Databases/Excel/CSV and automatically input it into any other app.
  • Schedule and Automate System or Network checks
  • Automatic Data Retrieval and Data Consolidation
  • Making a Gui (Graphical user interface) to interact with multiple Incompatible Applications
  • Scripting File Transfers and Internet Downloads
  • Automating the Internet explorer browser
  • Easily Extract Data and automatically Generate Reports
  • Monitoring Applications and Windows
  • Transferring data from one screen to another
  • Copying sales data from emails into programs like your financial system


If you like to Save Money:

Then yes there is a small up-front cost for the development of the automation script. However, this cost is saved many times over once the script is used regularly.

Using one of my client’s as an example, she’ll save almost 2 hours of expense per week by automating her process. Those 2 hours can now be used to create even more of her product.

This in fact doubles the value of the time saved. Seen this way, the time and effort that would have been put in to this task each week only as expense can now be used to create profit.

More ways you will be able to save money:

  • Help employees be more efficient at the same hourly rates
  • Speed up tasks to accelerate workflow
  • Allow tasks to happen more frequently
  • Reduce costs of tasks by reducing the need for manual interaction
  • Improve employee coverage
  • Ensure quality consistency
  • Improve the reliability of processes
  • Allow work to be done by staff with less skill
  • Define the work process and reduce dependence on the few employees who know it



Now when you ask yourself Why Automate you will know a little more of how you could benefit from automation? Don’t have time to do it yourself. I can provide it all be it Script development, consultancy and/or training.

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