How to: Simulate a Graphical Button in a GUI

how to simulate a GUI button

In this tutorial, I go over how to simulate a Graphical Button in a GUI, using methods first shown by SKAN, plus what he calls the Mobile Phone Power Switch (MPPS) technique. It is an advanced type of MPPS button that simulates a Mouse Hook. The code sample given herein …

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AutoHotkey Webinar: 9/20/2016

AutoHotkey Webinar Videos and Links Here you can download the video of the First hour: Video of Second hour: Link to AutoHotkey Webinar resources: Joe Glines: Connect on LinkedIn YouTube videos Resources Jackie Sztuk: Connect on LinkedIn YouTube videos Resources Additional resources mentioned in AutoHotkey Webinar Using built-in …

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How to: Animate a GUI window

Animate GUI

In this tutorial, we will learn about a process you can use to animate a GUI Window, using the AnimateWindow function, wrapped in an AutoHotkey function of the same name in this guide. This function was introduced in Win98, and is very easy to use. By using this function, you can easily animate …

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