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even wikipedia can't tell

17 Things Wikipedia Can’t Tell You about AutoHotkey

Wikipedia is regarded as one of the best encyclopedias available on the internet. Therefore, it provides information on almost anything and everything. But, when it comes to AutoHotkey, AHK for short, it really lacks to provide authentic and essential information. The information currently present on the AutoHotkey’s Wikipedia page is not very enticing for the …

AHK loop

AutoHotkey Scripting – Loops

Let’s discuss the loop and how to use it in AHK In this post I try to present looping, one of AutoHotkey’s basic concepts in a non-programmers way So I’ll discuss two of the loops available in AutoHotkey. Once you are clear about these two loop commands, you can find more in the AutoHotkey documentation /other resources So remember …

Reserved keywords AutoHotkey

AutoHotkey Scripting: Reserved keywords

Now it is time for Reserved keywords So far, we have covered an important concept called variables. We discussed how to use the operator := to specify values. We also looked at what to name the variables. Like True and False are the names of two built-in variables. There are many other keywords supported By AHK which are reserved and …