AutoHotkey Webinar: 9/20/2016

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Here you can download the video of the First hour:

Video of Second hour:

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Additional resources mentioned in AutoHotkey Webinar

Using built-in Functions

SubStr(String, StartingPos [, Length])



Creating your own custom function

  • Why you want to create them
  • Things to pay attention to:
  • Accessing variables outside your function
  • Passing parameters
  • Setting defaults
  • Returning values

DLL call

  • What is it?
  • Why is it so valuable an Asset?
  • Why is it so ‘tricky’?
  • Message Box
v:= DllCall("MessageBox","Uint",0,"Str","my message","Str","my title","Uint","0x00000036L")

Additional DLL Resources

Script Highlight- Pasting plain text

#SingleInstance Force
^g:: ;Control G pastes plain text
Store:=ClipboardAll ;Store full version of clipboard
ClipBoard := ClipBoard ; Convert to plain text
Sleep, 50
SendInput, ^v ;paste plain text
Sleep, 50
Clipboard:=Store ;restore clipboard to original content

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